First Impressions

If the studies are correct, that people make their minds up within the first 2-90 seconds, youth ministries have a whole lot of 'first impression' opportunities. The studies also indicate that once somebody forms an opinion, for good or for bad, based on those few initial seconds, they are unlikely to change their mind. WOW!

A few first impression opportunities in a typical junior high ministry:
- A visitor walks into your meeting room.
- A parent shows up to a parent meeting (wouldn't that be nice!).
- You make an appearance on a public school campus.
- Your ministry's website.
- Promotion Sunday

There are countless others. I'd be interested to hear what you think the top 3 'first impression' opportunities might be.


Mark E. Eades said...

A retreat or off campus activity that a new kid comes to

First time a kid or parent meets the middle school pastor/leader

What a regular kid of your middle school ministry says to his friend at school about the middle school ministry

chad said...

Mark stole my top impression when he said our own students in front of their peers. After that it's the leaders to our kids and then the second is environment (facility) itself.

Jason Pauli said...

"A parent shows up to a parent meeting (wouldn't that be nice!)."

I am soooooooooo glad you wrote that.

Jim Ellis said...

Hey Kurt,

I had a leader's meeting last night, and we covered the importance of greeting kids warmly...

Jody Earley said...

1. Other students - students that already attend are usually the first impression at the meeting or even at school before they attend

2. Graphic design - invitation, postcard, website

3. The environment - music, ambiance, is it a place they want to be or have to be