Random Randomness

- Today I was supposed to leave for Kenya with some of our youth ministry team, my daughter and another 8th grade student. Unfortunately we decided it was best to cancel the trip due to the political unrest. The area we were to go is one of the areas most affected by the turmoil. I'm really sad because the timing seemed perfect, the team was great and I was excited to see how God was going to use us.

- Both my kids seem to really enjoy writing. My daughter has been faithfully blogging for close to a year and my 10-year-old son, Cole, just talked us into letting him begin as well. I'm interested to see if he sticks to it. So far, he's posted every day.

- If you live in Southern California or Arizona and are looking for a great event for your junior highers, I recommend Jr. High Believe that is held in Palm Springs in March. I happen to be speaking there this year so it may be the year to skip! They host numerous weekends all around the country, and really do put on a great 24-hour event for young teens. It's cheap, fun, spiritually challenging, easy and created specifically for junior high students. It may be worth considering for a future retreat.

- Relevant Books has a pretty cool little line called The Foundation of Faith series that has shortened, pocket-sized versions of some great reads. Currently I'm reading Thomas a Kempis' classic, The Imitation of Christ. Good stuff.


Cole said...

So sorry that you could not go to kenya:(

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Hey Kurt, Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.