Wanna Join Our Team?

Our junior high ministry here at Saddleback has a couple of openings for college graduates interested in a two-year internship. We've had lots of interns on our team over the past several years and I think it has always proved to be a "Win-Win".

We win because we get an additional full-time member on our team for a couple of years.
Interns win because they get invaluable experience to take with them to their next ministry setting.
We all win because we get to share life and build lasting friendships.

If you're interested email our intern director, Jana Sarti, at Janas@saddleback.net


Snyder said...

I was a Junior High intern for 2 years at Saddleback and it was amazing. If you are looking to learn the ins and outs of youth ministry this is the place to go. I would do another 2 years if I could.

Jim Ellis said...

the real question is, "Is it a win-win-win situation?"

Puddles said...

I totally agree with this post and snyder's comment. I would go even further and say that it was a life changing experience for me. I am using my experience from saddleback on a daily basis and I am still good friends with many of them there. Win-Win-Win.

Snyder said...

Great experience outside of my comfort zone, learned a lot, made a lot friends, oh and I met my wife during my internship here. I would say more like a win-win-win-win situation.

StacyGal said...

Umm..I think Leo should intern in Wildside for 2 years for the experience and I can take care of our family's finances. That would be so great!