Name Game

Okay, here's the deal. We are about 6-7 months away from moving into our new Student Zone and it's time to land on an official name.

We don't like Student Zone for a couple of reasons:
a) Frankly, it's kinda lame. We've called it that as the generic term for the past three or four
years, but never intended it to be the permanent name.

b) Although students will be the primary user, we aren't the only ones who will utilize the space
so we need something student friendly but not exclusive to 'students'.
If you can't tell by the pictures, the building is a really cool mixture of old brick, concrete, aged wood and exposed steel.

We've purposely decided not to open the naming process up to our students, volunteers etc. because we don't want to deal with all that entails. BUT I am hoping you may have a few suggestions.

So....submit an idea or two and if we happen to use your name we will give you $100.00 worth of free resources from Simply Junior High.


Joel Mayward said...

The Complex - it's generic and can have a variety of meanings, referring to both complexity and connection.

Rob said...

It seems to me to kind of have an "Old West" feel to it...so here's a few:

The Fort
The Outpost
Gold Rush (California historical reference along with the race for our heavenly crowns)

The Gold Mine

that's all I've got for now...but it looks very cool!

Brandon said...

The Hub

The Smooth Moose

Anonymous said...

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johnnybrower said...

i agree with rob. i definitely got an "old west" feel as soon as i saw it.


The Square
The Rack
Saddle Station

TS Harrison said...

How about...

the Dang Exciting And Tubular Hangout Shack That Allows Raccoons (or rhinos).
You can call it the D.E.A.T.H. S.T.A.R. for short.

Just brainstorming...

TS Harrison said...

Oh I got another brainstorm gem!

How about the Wild West Side?

It has your Wildside brand in it. Plus the "old west" theme. And you run with a West Side Story element.

You can total restructure your ministry to have two cowboy gang elements.
The gangs can be the Sharks (8th graders) and the Jets (7th graders).
Along with the Bible you can teach valuable life skills... like knife fighting.
At the end of every year you can have a big dance gang fight where you might have to sacrifice one student.
But the racial healing that would result from it all would be totally worth it.


Just contact me and I'll let you know where to send the prizes.

Joshua Griffin said...

Death Star does have a nice ring to it ...


MamaSue said...

I vote for The WhereHouse.

john Mitchem said...

Well on Behalf of Josh Griffin, you could call it the Josh Griffin Building..... ( or if you want to really get him, name for Andy...)

What about "The Building" since we all know this will be the building on campus...

John Mitchem

PS -- Just for Yac... The Jones Memorial building, but only a few of would get that.

Dustin Wilson said...

I like the look of the building. It has an old warehouse feel. One that you may see people being treated for problems and then sent out with the cure.

I am thinking "DETOX".

chad said...

the den

the cove


the yard

the step

Joel Mayward said...

The Asylum - not in the mentally ill sense (though that could work) but in the refuge and safety sense.

Rob said...

TS, you are a genius....the West side story angle is hilarious...though I've seen Kurt dance to HSM on Youtube, and I think he'd struggle with the dance steps for that one!

Anonymous said...

Let's see how about Fellowship Place.

Elyse from choir and Wildside greeter

Mike Lovato said...

Ok, I'm surprised it took several comments to come up with the obvious warehouse-themed name. Good work Mama Sue. Although, I'd just go with The Warehouse. Or you could play off the Zone name that's been used and call it Zone ______. Zone 949? I don't know.

Kurt Johnston said...

Rob, I think the 3 post awning in the front give it much more of a western look than it really is. It's actually quite industrial.

Anonymous said...

How about
The Center-center of your campus, center of activity
Zone Central
The Zone
Central Warehouse
The Warehouse

Anonymous said...
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rob's thoughtful spot said...

to me it looks like a part of cannery row or a pier in san francisco-
with all of our earthquakes in california what about the epicenter?

TS Harrison said...

Honestly the more I look at the photo it reminds me of a shopping center near where I work called the CBL (City-Base Landing).
There's a Chick-fil-A at the CBL.
So while naming things is important...I guess. The real important question is the distance between the student center and the closest Chick.

anthony said...

Here's a few:

1.) Casa de Luz (House of Light)
2.) CanyonCoast
3.) BrickHouse Haven
4.) Area 51
5.) The underground
6.) El Copper Casa
7.) FireFlood Inn

Phil G said...

the mill
the industry

007 said...


Jim Ellis said...


Joe said...

The Chamber
The BoomBox
The Station
The Place

Michael said...

The Chasm (pronounced K-as-m)
The Forum

Tony Steward said...

Pier 180

Christopher Winston Hill said...

The HQ (head quarters)

Drum roll please......

The Velarium
(A Velarium (curtain), was a type of awning used in Roman times. It stretched over the whole of the cavea (seating area) in the Colosseum to protect spectators from the elements.
-- Taken from Wikipedia

Kevin Eckert said...

G Werks
(The G stands for God or Good

joe said...


Not Christopher Winston Hill said...

I like The Velarium and the meaning behind it -- "protecting the spectators from the elements". That's cool.

(P)KLN said...

Wow - offer $100 and people will leave any comment...

You could go old school with...

The Max

Or simply

as it will be the hub of some students' spiritual experiences...

my 2c


robert b said...

The Grinder
StuCen (Student Center)
KJ's Krib (ref to Kurt)
Pastor Rick's Other Brother
Two Stories of Sweetness
The Beaker (where disciples are made...)
The Melting Pot (where people come together)
The Deep Fryer (where people come together and get sizzled in the grease of God's word...)(yeah, that's a little creepy.)
The Shop (where people work on life stuff)(where God works on hearts (not real biblical))
The Cardiac Shop (where heart work takes place)(where hard work takes place)(where smart work takes place) [imho, that's a 3-point opening-day dedication message right there!]

Good luck Kurt and Team!!

robert b

ac5 said...