Weekend Wrap Up

Lesson Topic: Week Two of our Series 'I <3 Technology'
Attendance: Average
'Fun Factor': Above Average
Volunteer Involvement: Above Average
Music: Above Average
Lesson Quality: Above Average
Length of Lesson: 20 mins
Student Response: Way Above Average

One of our better weekends in quite a while for lots of reasons.
Our worship band was entirely student led...not even an adult on stage to help out which was really fun. Our lesson was 'Life is a like a video game' and we did some pretty creative stuff to add the atmosphere. We set part of our stage up to look like a living room and a few minutes into my message on of our volunteers came out, turned on the t.v. and started playing guitar hero. He played guitar hero on stage during my entire talk which was both distracting and really fun at the same time. The lesson was fun, we had a great video and we had a lot of our volunteer team in attendance which always makes for a strong weekend.


MikePHenry said...

What kind of commitment do you ask of your weekend staff? Are these the same people who have small groups or are they another group? And, what are their responsibilities while they are there? Kinda curious.

Rob said...

Hey Kurt,

I keep hearing you talk about how you love it when there are primarily all Middle School kids on the stage. How do you navigate the quality versus opportunity debate. Obviously, a Middle school kid isn't going to be able to lead worship as well as an adult, but what a great opportunity for the Middle school kid.

How do you navigate that?


rob said...

by the way...my email is rob@wcrossing.org if you want to email me.

Kurt Johnston said...

When we decided to make the switch to student-led band, we decided that the trade off was worth it. We really do just bite the bullet when it comes to quality. Because the participation and response is VASTLY better when the students lead, it almost forces you to re-define "quality".

Anonymous said...

I have been to the event on march 8th 2008, at the family arena in St Charles mo, and I'm very upset by some of Kurt's comment , he say' d " I HATE Chihuahuas' does dogs were also an creation from god so how dare you say you HATE GOD'S CREATION.Than the biggest hit was were he say' d he want every on from the arena to go to Haven next Year to have a 08 party reunion what do you mean? you want very one to kill they self in clouding you? shame on you!! I hope, not one of this kid's at the arena today going to get hurt or god forbid get killed and if so you will take the blame because you are the one who want to see them in Haven