Random Ramblings

- I participated in some personal conflict resolution recently with a gentleman I barely know, but hope to have a relationship with in the future. I was reminded of two things:
1) Humility goes a long, long way in resolving conflict.
2) There really are two sides to every story and it's wise to recognize that.

- I would really like to see an African-American or female president. What a great step forward for our country. BUT, not sure either of the present candidates is the right African-American or female candidate. I so wish Obama had more to offer than fantastic oratory skills.

- I recently downloaded a few old Rush songs onto my iPod. Haven't heard them in a long time. Good stuff!

- A week later, and I'm still thinking about the Super bowl. Best game I've ever seen.

- I'm really excited about our fun, new series we're starting this week called 'I <3 Technology' (I heart technology). We are taking three major technological advances and using them as the backdrop for an object lesson each week. This week we are using the internet as a backdrop for a lesson on God's word as best source for truth and knowledge. We've got lots of fun stuff planned.

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