To What Do I Hold?

I'm not quite ready to answer that question becuase I'm still chewing, but it's one that all of us need to ask from time to time; not so much because the answers will change (although some could...) but so that we are reminded of those things we hold dear. I recently created a little list of key areas in my life and am trying to define what 'things' in each category are things that I truly hold to; things that are non-negotiable at this point in my life for that category.

The main categories on my list:


It's really not as easy an exercise as you may think.


Heidy said...

In my few months of ministry, I´ve learned that I MUST hold to God´s love for me and His call to my life. My world can be shaken. But this assurance keeps everything in perspective. I must give it all to the Lord.

jeremy zach said...

I have been thinking about this list too. I have found having friends outside of my ministry context extremely beneficial.

When you alluded to friends, were you including friends in and outside of the your ministry context?

There is nothing better than grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend who is not in ministry and just kicking it. ya know?

ps this friend cannot be an ex-student too. : )