Junior High Newsletter

Years ago, Group Publishing actually had an entire magazine devoted specifially to junior high magazine. They discontinued it a dozen or so years ago but have decided to give it another try...almost.

Instead of a magazine, Group and Simplyjuniorhigh now have a monthly 12-page newsletter focusing on junior high ministry. Each issue will have some training, some research, some interviews, some lesson ideas and some other really great stuff. Forty Bucks for a year feels a little pricey, but it's probably the cheapest way to get ongoing, monthly training and encouragement.

I would suggest you buy one subscription and then photocopy key articles etc. to give to the volunteers on your team (but I don't know if that's legal!).


liz simmonds said...

got mine in the mail this week! looking forward to more issues...

leo said...

dude that's awesome!!! can't wait to get it!!!

p.s. the anonymous dude... a little crazy.

Kurt Johnston said...

oops, I didn't mean to delete your comment. You posted it twice and when I deleted one, it deleted them both. Sorry about that!
I'm super sorry that stuff I said at Believe upset you. That wasn't my intention and I think you may have misunderstood the meaning behind what I was saying.
Concerning chihuahuas...I was really just joking to make a bigger point. I don't want any harm to come to chihuahuas and I was just hoping to help us see that God doesn't view us as yapping dogs. Sorry if it bothered you.
As for the Believe 'o8 reunion in heaven: I wasn't saying that we should all have a reunion this year, but that someday...when we are all in heaven we can hold a reunion for those of us who were at Believe in 2008...sorta like a high school reunion. I certainly don't want us all in heaven THIS year, and I'm sorry if the way I explained it was confusing.

I assume you are a junior higher, and I hope my comments didn't ruin the weekend for you. If it's still confusing, I would encourage you to talk to your youthworker and I'll bet he/she would be happy to help explain.

Jim Ellis said...

Hey Kurt...

Jim here in good ol' Iowa.

I got your simply junior high resource catalog 2008...

the crazy thing about it was, the high school guy came into my office, and was like, "Jim, why is Alex on the cover of this newsletter playing guitar hero."

it is way cool... i just showed it to Alex and he is super pumped... the other kids are calling him a celebrity...

anywho, thanks for putting his pic up...

god bless, and here is a video we made yesterday for our summer program... (we got the idea from Joshua Griffin's blog)

enjoy warm california... we will enjoy cold iowa... peace

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