Random Ramblings

- Haven't been to a theater for a movie in a while and feel like I'm over due. The most recent movie I saw was Michael Clayton on a plane ride. It was a lot different than I thought it would be, but pretty good.

- Something on t.v. bothered me so much that I actually hollered at it. Must not have bothered me too much, though, because I can't remember what it was. Gosh, I am becoming my father.

- Is it just me or does it seem like the purposeful cycle of the media is to build people up simply to tear them down? Maybe that's what I was hollering at.

- Gonna spend Sunday afternoon and Monday dirt bike riding out in the desert with some buddies. No families this time, just a guy trip.

- Because I love Shave Ice so much, I've been promising to purchase a shave ice machine for the new student building at our church. I just found out the machine that makes the good stuff costs $2,500.00! I'm asking myself if I promised to buy the machine or just said I might buy the machine!

- This weekend I speak at my third, and final, Jr. High Believe. It's in Palm Springs so we're taking about a dozen of our leadership kids to let them check it out and see if it's something we want to plug our entire ministry into next year. My hunch is that they'll totally love it...other than the speaker, of course.


Joshua Griffin said...

You promised! :)


TS Harrison said...
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TS Harrison said...

love Jr. High Believe.
I interned one summer with CIY and am still gleaming off the wisdom and experiences that came with hanging with that crew.
It's been fun watching Believe continue to develop since my first back in '99.

Elise! said...

Yes, we did love Believe! I loved your talks, and think you did a great job! Also, is the Mas Tortillas song something we could find/buy? It was SO funny!

Pat Walker said...

I honestly can't remember what you said..........

Heather McTaggart said...

Did you NOT believe me? Don't I ALWAYS TRY to come through with my promises like the one that made you fall in love with this machine at this place???? TRUST MY FRIEND, TRUST! I am working on our deal we made! GIVE ME TIME! Those of you who are holding them to it...back down now, dreams do come true...DON'T THEY KURT AND MATT???