What A Week

I feel like I've had one the busiest, most diverse, but most fun weeks in a long time.
- Last weekend I was in Palm Springs Speaking at Believe. We took a handful of our 8th grade student leaders to check it out to see if it's something we might want to do as an entire ministry next year. They loved it and I hope we can fit it into our schedule of events.

- I stayed in the desert for two extra days to ride dirt-bikes with some friends which was great.

- Tuesday through Wednesday I took our Student Ministries Core Leadership Team on a short retreat. The goal of this retreat (which consisted of our intern director, high school pastor, junior high director, volunteers director, music director, minister to hurting kids, and both regional campus youth pastors) was really just to spend some quality time together and rally around a few key issues.

- Yesterday I spent the day with about 20 other junior high youth workers from Southern California for our "So Cal Connection". We meet twice a year to hang out and toss a variety of topics on the subject. If you are a junior high youth worker in the Southern California area and would like to know about future gatherings I'd be happy to fill you in.

- Right now I'm getting ready to board a flight to Phoenix with Matt Hall and Katie Edwards. We will then drive three hours to an Indian reservation to explore some future missions opportunities. We get home about 11:00 tonight.

- Beginning tomorrow I will serve at 5 of our easter services.


Kim said...

Could you describe the differences in responsabilities for Jr High Pastor and Jr High Director?

Jim Clark said...

Man Kurt...

If you guys brought middle schoolers to Believe... you would be the whole conference... that would be crazy and awesome at the same time!!!

jeremy zach said...

I would love if you added me to the So. Cal junior high youth pastor connection.
I am in Laguna Beach.

contact: jeremy@lagunaefc.org


Janel said...

I work at Irvine Presbyterian Church with the Jr. High group, and I would love to join the So Cal Jr. High connection...

Please add me to the list! Thanks!


Kurt Johnston said...

Because our ministry is a little larger than average and my role,as JH Pastor, is quite large, we added a JH director to oversee much of the day-to-day operations of our team. I'm still ultimately responsible for our ministry, but the director oversees our paid team and other areas.