Willow Day One

Just getting ready to head into the first general session. Brian Mclaren is the speaker so it should be interesting and enjoyable.

Two highlights from last night:

- On the drive in I found myself tuned into a country radio station. I never listen to country and I'm not sure what possessed me to do so last night. The first song I listened to had lyrics in the chorus that went something like this... "I want to kiss you way out in the sticks, I want to walk with you through fields of wild flowers, I want to check you for ticks." Seriously.

- Because of the time change I wasn't tired or ready to settle in when I got to my hotel so I went across the street to see the movie, "Drillbit Wilson". That isn't the actual title, but I know it had Drillbit in it and starred Owen Wilson. It was actually a pretty fun little flick and one that youth pastors should see.


sandy h said...

Good Ol' Brad Paisley. You should hear his myspace song. Totally funny

Anonymous said...

eee.....how was brian mclaren?

not a person i would expect or really want to hear speak about youth ministry.

Anonymous said...

I know the song. Great to hear you are coming to my side. Love Country Music

Chris S. said...

Hey just wanted to let you know that my jr. high pastor loved your session this morning!

Kurt Johnston said...

Kerry, Great to hear from you! I hope things are well. For the record...I am NOT switching to your side.

Actually Mclaren was quite good. I was expecting controversial statements or something to shake us up but there was none of that. He didn't talk about youth ministry per say, more about shifting culture etc.