Willow Creek Days 2&3

I'm in the coffee shop outside Willow Creek's auditorium enjoying my Chai Latte (which happens to be much better than the one I usually get at Starbucks. Not sure why....) and reflecting on my experiences and learnings.

- Brian Mclaren was great. I was expecting controversial statements and attempts to rattle our cages, but didn't get any of that. He shared a really, really great presentation about the possibility that the church is busy addressing lots of issues that don't matter a whole lot. Good stuff.

- Had dinner last night with a student ministries team from a multi-campus church in Canada. They may have been the sharpest, nicest group of youth workers I've ever met. Some of their approaches to the multi-campus structure are quite interesting and I found myself taking mental note after mental note. I would have actually taken written notes, but both hands were busy cramming Chicago-style deep dish pizza down my throat.

- This morning, Kara Powell made a case for 4 ingredients of a youth ministry that produces students who remain Christ-followers as they enter college. Her 4 (in my words):
* A clear understanding of the gospel.
* A ministry that welcomes and provides opportunities for doubts to be shared.
* Opportunities for inter-generational relationships.
* Students learning how to feed themselves spiritually.

- Right now I'm heading in to hear Dan Kimball who is my favorite of the emerging thinkers and leaders. Partly because he has cool hair.


jeremy zach said...

Kara is great stuff and she has been working soo hard on the college project.

Dan Kimball has the coolest hair!!! I am hoping my hairstylist can make my hair look like that.

Mariah Snyder said...

Kurt Johnston, it was so wonderful to hang with you for a short while at the conference! John and I will come hang very soon!!! :)