The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good:
Our student ministry team has been expanding (new regional campuses, a few newer hires, etc.) but it feels like we are starting to gel as a group. I'm a believer that "fit" is more crucial than "skill" on a team and I feel like our team fits together well and is well skilled at what they do.

The Bad:
Each year, we take a retreat with our youth team and spouses. It's a major highlight for us because we get to hang out, relax and gear up for Summer. Unfortunately because of the schedule of our new student center opening we had to change our dates this year at the 11th hour. The result: A few of our team had already mad plans and couldn't change them. I absolutely HATE that my poor planning results in them missing out.

The Ugly:
I feel like our students and their families are under major attack. Divorces, sudden deaths and "run aways" have been on the increase lately. I hold onto the belief that when amazing things are about to happen, Satan gets busy.


Darryl Nelson said...

We've had some major things going on too! Three differnt runaways...drug rehab of parents...God is prepping for something amazing

Chris S. said...

I hear both of you on the "ugly" stuff. We have had a bunch of tough family stuff and a kid who's dad just tried to commit suicide.

kingsley said...

man its crz 2 think of all thats going on. the enemy has unleashed a frontal assault esp @ the teens which affects their families. however he can get at them he will. we have to fight back with weapons that penetrates the bunkers of hell - PRAYER. it still works wonders. Re: hating when plans go awry ... i 2nd the motion as one who procrastinates and end up in situations like these more times than i want to remember. i hate it too!!!