Leadership Gold

At the final General session of DRIVE, Andy Stanley decided to toss away his plans to teach on vision casting and share some of his recent random thoughts about leadership in general instead. For the next 50 minutes or so, he focused on five thing he's been pondering based on five quotes that have stuck out in his mind.
Over the next few days, I'll share super quick overview of each of these 5 leadership thoughts and throw out a question or two about how they may relate to a junior high ministry setting.

Thought #1
"To reach people no one else is reaching we must do things no one else is doing."
- Craig Groeschel; founder of Lifechurch.tv

Andy's big thought related to this quote was that obviously the majority of things church's are doing must not be what most people are interested in because most people aren't going to the things church's are doing! Even a super cool worship service must not be what most people are interested in because most people aren't going to super cool worship services...they are doing a bunch of other stuff instead.

Andy's takeaway for us: Become preoccupied with those we haven't reached instead of being preoccupied with those we are trying to keep.

What might this mean in a junior high setting?
- Does my ministry have at least as much focus on reaching un-churched kids as it does ministering to kids who already know Jesus?
- Is there a new way to begin reaching kids who don't show an interest in coming to programs?
- What is one thing that nobody else is doing for junior highers that you have the resources, passion and ability to do in your ministry?


Jim Ellis said...

We always want to get new students into youth programs, however we don't want to forget about the ones who are already coming. there has to be a healthy balance... and in an ideal youth group, if we were spending good time with students who were coming, then they would be the ones bringing their friends and doing the outreach... however, that is in an ideal youth group.

As for kids who don't show interest in programs... i think we should go to them... i liked your outreach idea of having a van outside a middle school as students got out of school they could come to the van and get soda/ice cream/etc... the church and middle school ministry needs to be sending... rather than excpecting people to come. does that make sense?

hopefully at our youth programs, youth are being impacted with teh gospel message of jesus, and that would be the one thing that youth programs promote that the world doesn't promote... honestly, i find it hard to compete with (on an entertainment level) the world.

i do agree with the thought #1... we do need to be thinking and acting creatively to help people fall in love with Christ.

okay, sorry for the rambling... good post kurt

David Moss said...

There has to be a balance right - because if you get those on the margin to show up...you need to then do something to stay in relationship with them and create ops for them to be engaged and transformed by God's Holy Spirit.

I love the focus of being creative - and keeping your eyes on the horizon rather than the center so to speak. I also feel God has entrusted to us the youth that we have...keeping our eyes open to the youth He is using us to reach to as well.

John the Red Wonder said...

I like to be creative, and even the idea about thinking outside the box! But also we have to remember that God really isn't that popular. I mean when he showed up on earth as Jesus we killed Him. I love the idea of trying to attract unchurched people, but there's only so much we can do. I agree that balance is the key!

dsm said...

Yes, there has to be balance and we can provide that through the leaders in our ministry. However, if you are a leader you should be looking at things that others are not looking at. You have to be evaluating and seeking out the next step for your ministry.
I truly believe that Andy is not saying that we should neglect those who are there. Rather leaders should stop focusing on what we already know and start focusing on those who don't know Jesus.

If you want to reach them that is.

Michael said...

I agree with Jim's comment about 'going to them'. The concept of attracting young people is a cultural battle too difficult (and expensive) to try to win unless we raise the bar from our focus on program to relationship, the most attractive form (Jesus wasnt bad at this either).
I would also add that God does work consistently outside of 'our programs' and perhaps we need to engage with where He is at work rather then inviting him to come work with us.
Just my 2c.