Leadership Gold #2

Another of Andy Stanley's random leadership thought from his closing general session at DRIVE.

Thought #2
"The next generation product almost never comes from the previous generation."

Andy's takeaway for us:
Change is coming, and change is usually good. Most of the significant changes in ministry won't be brought about by those leading the way today. They will be brought about by the next generation of church leaders. Current church leaders need to decide if the will fight change or fund change. Older leaders need to learn to be students not just critics.

What might this mean in a junior high setting?
- How much of my current approach to junior high ministry is fresh? How much of it is simply stuff that has worked for me in the past and doesn't seem broken so I'm not really open to changing?

- How can older JH leaders begin to "fund" some of the thinking and innovation of younger leaders?

- Am I willing to learn from younger leaders who will usher in next season of JH ministry, or am I a critic of their way of thinking, leading etc.?

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