Learning to Lead

As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I really wasn't sure what to expect at North Point's DRIVE conference. Now that the first full day is wrapping up, I must say that I have really enjoyed the time. In a word, the conference is about leadership. Virtually every general session and workshop has leadership as a central theme. In fact, the leadership theme runs so deep that I've noticed many attendees are experiencing a bit of frustration that may come from one of two things:

1) Much of the material for discussion is coming from the large church perspective. Although the content is amazing, I think there could be a more intentional effort to wrap it in transferable principles for the average church worker.

2) So many people who work in church settings feel like they really don't have much of a leadership platform in which to implement the stuff they are learning. I think some practical application steps on how to implement the content and "lead from the middle of the pack" would be greatly appreciated.

But, if you are interested in learning some really great biblical leadership principles from a church that is doing what they are called to do well, then I would highly recommend this conference next year. I feel like I've really been stretched; my moleskine is rapidly filling up.

Youth ministry training...not so much. Leadership training...incredible.

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DC Curry said...

Thanks Kurt, this is really helpful man! I TOTALLY did this in our Student Min workshop last year and didn't realize I was doing it until it was over and got ALL the comment cards. I definitely learned from that one.

I hate we missed you when we were out there a couple months ago. We hung with Griff mostly, but maybe we'll catch you next year when we're out there.