Monday Miscellaneous

- The weekend was fantastic. On the main campus, our junior high ministry was in its second week of our "Simmer Down" series. This week the lesson was on bitterness which was, in a sense, a continuation from last week's lesson on Anger. Music was great (we had a couple new kids playing and singing in the band), the games were fun and students seemed to track well. We also kicked off our student ministry program at our Irvine campus. Attendance was higher than expected and the overall atmosphere was really fun.

- Right now, the entire student ministry team is in Atlanta for the Drive Conference at North Point Church. The opening session starts in a couple hours. I really have no idea what to expect from the next 2.5 days. The most intriguing aspect to me is the wide variety of really great sounding workshops; as there seems to be a lot of fresh topics being offered.

- I rented a GPS system for the rental car I'm driving. At the time it sounded easier than getting directions for the entire carpool every time we go somewhere. I figured the lead car could just follow the GPS and get us easily to each destination. I'm not sure what's going on, but our GPS is totally messing us up! Telling us to turn on streets that don't exists, self correcting in the middle of directions that then turn out to be wrong. So funny, but so frustrating.

- Heading out to cracker barrell for dinner. Grits, anyone?


James said...

Kurt - While you're at DRIVE, find Carlos Whittaker (Buckhead's Service Programming Director) and say hi. Tell him james@immersionworship.com sent you.

eric said...

Kurt - it the GPS says to go down a boat ramp ... don't listen to it.