Random Randomness

Missions Trip:
Our missions trip to the reservation in AZ was great. Aside from the usual missions trip highlights, a highlight for me was the fact that a huge percentage of the students that attended the trip were kids who aren't super involved in our ministry. Many of them were kids who I've never really met so I had a great time learning new names, hearing new stories and all that good stuff.

Weekend Program:
It was week two of our "Heroes" series and our subject was the "Sinful Woman" (the woman who poured her perfume on Jesus' feet). Jason Petty, one of our high school pastors taught and did a fantastic job.

Small Group Curriculum:
I'm spending all day tomorrow editing/tweaking/re-writing 10 scripts for small group video curriculum for next school year. We're setting aside two days in a couple of weeks to try to film all 10...YIKES. But, our leaders and students seem to really like the stuff so it is time well spent.

New Regional Campus:
This weekend we will launch student ministries on our 3rd regional campus in Corona, a community about 45 minutes East. Sadly, I won't be able to be at the launch because I'll be on vacation.

It's time to make it official: I have switched my loyalty from Pepsi to Coke. Even typing this makes me feel disloyal and like I'm betraying an old friend. I'm sorry, Pepsi.


Mike Lovato said...

Yeah, you'd better apologize to Pepsi.

Colin said...
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Colin said...

Kurt... it's good to hear that you've seen the light! Coke will treat you well in Pepsi's absence. Welcome to the Coke side of life!

Big Dave said...


Welcome aboard the Coke Family...

erik w/a "k" said...

welcome to the good life...actually I rarely drink soda. almost 100% water these days. diet coke with lime is pretty good too.

what caused the switch?

Ange said...

Hey Kurt -- that's really great about the mission trip. I love taking newbies on mission trips.

And congratulations for jumping on the Coke wagon!! Welcome!

Josh said...

It's cool to hear about how God is blessing your ministry and allowing you to meet new people within your own group. How exciting!

Kurt Johnston said...


Actually I was originally forced to switch because the fountain machine in our lunch room switched from Pepsi products to Coke products. After drinking my free coke for a few weeks, I suddenly found myself choosing coke when I went to the store....a slow switch.

Diana said...

Yay Coke! I've never liked Pepsi honestly. But one of our pastors likes it so much, we drove all over Senegal to find a store that sold Pepsi. I was thankful Coke is the soda of choice there.

Jim Ellis said...

coke is, by far, the superior drink