The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

After more than four years in the making, we are slated to move into The Refinery (our new student ministry center) next weekend, June 21-22 which happens to be the first weekend of the Summer and also our promotion weekend. The place is amazing and energy and anticipation are at an all time high.

There are still quite a few loose ends, specifically the certificate of occupancy. Yesterday the fire marshall walked through and gave us a fairly short list of things that needed to be fixed. Every day that we wait for the green light to "move in" means one less day for all the stuff we need to do before our first programs in just over a week. It's kinda like getting the keys to a house. At that moment, the building will be ours but we have to get it cleaned up, set up, organized, tweaked etc.

Because we have so much promo in our church body and the community announcing the grand opening date, I cringe to think about the consequences if we miss our deadline.


th08 said...

Agreed that fear of not being able to accomplish something that everyone is anticipating is rough. I'll be praying that God can use the Refinery to bring many students & families to Christ and bring peace and hope to their lives.

Diana said...

I'm excited to see it when my husband and I are down there in August to learn about Life Hurts God Heals. Praying for the opening to go smoothly.