Monday Miscellaneous

- Said farewell to our 8th graders this past weekend, my daughter being one of them. Spent the time between each service giving more "check book tours" of our new building.

- Today, all hands were on deck at 7:00 a.m. (haven't had a day off in several weeks) to begin the grunt work of moving in furniture, assembling things, cleaning, vacuuming, moving piles of sand and numerous other last minute projects to get ready for first grand opening tour this Thursday night.

- Heard an interesting question earlier: Who do you think is facing bigger odds: Rocco Mediate against Tiger Woods or Lakers winning two against Boston at home? My vote goes to Lakers facing tougher odds.

- Kung Fu Panda: Go see it.

- Today is Kayla's 14th Birthday. A bunch of her friends surprised her with an early morning kidnapping. She really does have a fantastic inner circle of friends who treat each other well, and look out for each other.

- Our junior high department just traded our old, beat-up RV for a sweet 1976 Ford Ranchero that will double as a utility truck for our ministry. I think it gets about 5 gallons to the mile!

- I have suddenly lost a bunch of my interest in the political race. I just can't get excited about either candidate. Not sure I love the type of change I think Obama represents (although I do like his charisma) but don't care much for the status quo that I think McCain represents either (not sure he knows what the word charisma means). What to do.

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