Monday Miscellaneous

- Our second weekend in our new building was MUCH smoother than our first. We managed to iron out lots and lots of wrinkles, which felt really good.

- Week 2 of "Full Service Summer" went well. The object lesson for the week was the steering wheel and the lesson was built around the idea of steering your life and choices God's way. The acoustics in the junior high room are really bad which adds some significant challenges, but we'll get that dialed in. Our new 7th graders don't seem quite as tiny and nervous as usual...they are jumping right in!

- Couldn't resist the temptation to see Wanted with the guys the other night. I should have. Too dark for my taste.

- We drive two big SUVs (one was a gift and the other might as well have been...)and the price of gas is killing me. I've never been called an environmentalist, but my conscious is beginning to question the need to burn oil at the rate we do. Of course I'm honest enough to acknowledge that my concerns about the environment seem to have only increased as the price of gas has!

- The car I want to replace my Expedition with is a Scion XB. Anybody have one or have any informed opinions?

- Looking forward to a super lazy day off. Absolutely nothing planned.


StacyGal said...

Leo and I had an XB before the truck. It ended up being a lemon but we know others who have one and we are the only ones who have ever had any problems with it.

Darth Pastor said...

Love my wife's xB. It's the 2.0 special release edition. Solar Yellow but it's definitely not a lemon (and you never lose it in the parking lot). Great gas mileage and feels very spacious inside. It has as much headroom as a Suburban. (With 3x the mileage at least!)
The newer ones feel smaller inside but has a little bit more room. But even in the back seat, things are comfortable.
The Mini Cooper Clubman looks kind of cool too. A little less back seat room though.

Lito said...

Hey Kurt, You and I met a while ago back in Missouri as you led a little youth pastor teaching seminar.

Originally I'm from Fresno, CA. and have been talking with my dad and he's telling me about the killer gas prices and I am actually praising God I'm in Missouri right now during these crazy prices. But in two years I'll be back in Cali, feeling the gas attack!!! I'll pray for a more cost friendly car for you.

David Hughes said...

dude...i am trying to swap out my big ol' explorer...i have been doin the research for a few months now...i think i nailed down some good ideas...but either way...i am planning on buying a toyota matrix soon...check it out...

if you are planning on buying a new one perhaps we can go together and work a deal :)

...i'm still not sure i am buying a new one. but if so that would be awesome :)