Popular Podcast Topic: What To Do When You're New

A couple of months ago I recorded a podcast with Leo Galarza, who at the time was brand new to Saddleback as one of our regional campus youth pastors. The subject was "What to do when you're new". Super basic, sound input that garnered lots of feedback. I thought I'd post it here in case you missed it.


Klint B. said...

Solid stuff! If was going to sum the whole podcast up in one word, I would say listen. Listening is absolutely key - especially when you're new. The temptation is to come in and talk alot about all your great ideas, how everything will run, your vision etc. But I think the most valuable thing the "new guy" can do is to listen. Through listening, you learn culture, earn respect and have an opportunity to genuinely get to know the stories of folks you have opportunity to serve alongside.

Matthew McNutt said...

That was a good episode - you've got a great podcast! I love the length and the focus of the episodes.

Brett Moore said...

kurt...this is brett from the xl church summitt in denver. what did you guys do for your "no way," moment during the on location series?

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