Time For A Check Up

This morning, I had a great disucssion with Josh Griffin, our high school pastor, about our current small group structure at Saddleback. We talked about strengths and weaknesses, follow up, curriculum, developing leaders, quality control etc. It was actually a really energizing conversation because, quite frankly, our groups have been going so well for so long that we haven't done a real good critique of them in quite a while.

Which leads to a question that may be worth asking yourself: What are areas in your ministry that are working well that may need a check up?

I'm great at evaluating and improving on the weak areas of my ministry, but this morning's conversation reminded me that even some of the strongest aspects of our ministry need to be examined on a regular basis.

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Folkestad said...

Kurt, Evaluation is always important. We are just splitting out ministry in two. (middle and High school). We have been doing tons of evaluating what we are doing and why.
Starting a new Middle school ministry, what would you say the 2 things that simply must be included would be? I'd be interesting in hearing what your thoughts might be.

Chris Folkestad