Monday Miscellaneous

- Week 4 of "Full Service Summer" went really, really well. Heading into the weekend, I didn't love my lesson and after teaching it twice on Saturday night I really didn't love my lesson. But I was kinda stuck with it so headed into Sunday committed to giving it my best shot for final two services. My final evaluation of my lesson is this: Students seemed to like it and my insecurity of wanting to always be funny and captivating made me feel like this lesson wasn't very good because it wasn't as funny or captivating as normal. We had great attendance, games were fun, music was great, and the horrific acoustics in the gym couldn't even hold us back...even though they tried really, really hard.

- Played poker last night (we never play for money...just for fun). I went "All In" in the third hand and got schooled. My three Aces got beat by a straight. Needless to say I was home sitting next to Rachel on the couch much earlier than planned.

- I'm reading The Shack and, to be honest, I'm a little disappointed. Disappointed only because I expected it to be either the most amazing, world shaking and spiritually inspirational book of all time (based on what so many people say) or the most heretical, blasphemous, faith-wrecking book of all time (based on what so many people say). It is what it is: A good read with some great inspiration wrapped in a creative allegory.

- Spending the morning this morning working on my general session message for our PDYM student leadership conference. I feel nervous and unprepared and I believe I speak the session right before Francis Chan which will certainly set him up to look REALLY good! Better that I go before him than after him, I suppose. Wow, insecurity about teaching seems to be a recurring theme for me lately.

- Hoping to go for an afternoon surf today which would be the third time this week. I love Summer.


Ryan Guard said...

Hey Kurt,

My wife Lindsay and I bumped into you upstairs in the Refinery right before you went up to speak. Just wanted to say hey!

This is my fourth week at Calvary, so I'm just figuring out what ministry looks like in the OC. I'd love to buy you a coffee some time when the dust settles.

saraeden said...

Hey Kurt. Just wanted to say thanks for being transparent with your insecurities about teaching. Always nice to know I'm not alone in that struggle :)

ryauger said...

Hey, Kurt. Glad to know I'm not the only one who struggles with insecurities when it comes to speaking. Thanks for being transparent. Quick question: Are there any middle school specific conferences that you would suggest for students? Thanks.