High School Here We Come!

It's been a crazy week in the Johnston family mainly because we are getting ready for our daughter to enter her freshman year of high school. She has spent her entire life in a much smaller christian school and is now heading into a public high school with a freshman class of around 700 students. Yesterday was the freshman "link" which consisted of four hours worth of meeting upper classmen, being introduced to administrators, going on a scavenger hunt to get familiar with the campus and more. Today was "round up" which was a one hour forms frenzy to make sure everything is in order for the year.

It is an exciting time. It's also an anxious time....for her and for us. The best part, though is that her impending move from a small, safe, christian school to a large public high school has cracked open the door for some great conversations.

With high school on my mind, I stumbled across two books that grabbed my attention. Neither of them are new, but neither of them really jumped out at me until recently. "The Price of Privilege" and "Doing School" both look like important reads.

Feel free to recommend a book that should be higher on my "must read" list.


sandy h said...

Price of Priv is an excellent book and a must read for any parent or youth worker!

heath(er) said...

i will be at trabuco with her.
and it's going to be great (: