Not A Political Blog, But...

Okay, all I can say as we head into the next 60-something days of presidential campaign craziness is WOW.

- Democrats have fresh, young, African-American rock star caliber presidential candidate with little experience but lots of great ideas partnered with steady, seasoned DC insider.

- Republicans have steady, seasoned DC insider presidential candidate partnered with a fresh, young woman with little experience. Not sure if she's a rock star, but she's no dud.

- History will be made either way, which I think is an awesome thing. I'm so excited that my kids will have a black president or a female vice president. Really, it's about time.

I'm not sure I've seen a riskier move than McCain's choice for V.P. Talk about swinging for the fence!

The biggest downside to me would be that if it backfires and McCain gets beat in a landslide, much of the blame will be put on Palin and that just sets things back again for women, which would be a drag. But Obama in the white house ain't a terrible historic statement either so that's a trade-off, I suppose.

The next two months promise to be interesting.


Eric said...

I don't think an Obama Whitehouse is the way I'd like to make history. Excited isn't the word I'd use for it. More like terrified.

Dan said...

Psyched about Palin. The hottest vice president ever. Obamessiah is a feel good guy. I'm waiting for the GOP to give Michael Steele a shot at the presidency. He is amazing!

Ariel said...

Kurt, I totally agree with you.

My grandpa (who was hispanic) suffered the cruel effects of racism even here in El Paso, Texas (which is on the border with Mexico and is predominantly Hispanic).

So even though I am staunchly anti-Obama, I would be proud of America if he got elected because it would show that we've come a long way, baby!

Wayne Putman said...
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Shane Vander Hart said...

The Palin pick has me jazzed. I would love to be able to cast my ballot for an African-American - just not Obama.

I'm with Dan, I'd love to see Steele on a GOP ticket down the road. Who knows in 4-8 years maybe we'll see Palin/Steele or Huckabee/Steele?

I wish J.C. Watts was still in the mix, but he's been out for too long I think.