Hump Day

When I was in junior high, the radio station I listened to (Kmet which played the current Rock and Roll favorites....AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Queen, Van Halen etc.) always referred to Wednesday as hump day and I always giggled when I heard that term. The reference was that once your work week made it over the hump, you were on your way to the weekend and better times!

Today is the first day in a long, long time I can remember hoping that the week would hurry up and end so that better times could ensue. It's just been one of those wacky, conflict-filled, problem-solving, "I can't get ahead of the game" kinds of weeks. Weeks I'm sure none of you can relate to!

Anyway, in honor of "hump day" and Kmet, I am listening to the sweet sounds coming from the classic rock playlist on my iPod. Better times are on the way!

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