99 Thoughts About Guys

I've recently agreed to quickly write a short little book called "99 Thoughts About Guys...For Girls Eyes Only". It's meant to be written FOR girls ABOUT guys. The book will be pocket-sized and a quick read.

Each thought will be short, with a sentence or two of explanation. For example:

When a guy says he loves you, he really doesn't understand what he's saying!
He may really, really like you, but he probably doesn't really, truly love you. Mainly because he's still trying to figure out what real love is all about. Plus, sometimes guys say things they think they are supposed to say.

Got one? I could use a little help.


James said...

I've got a couple...

Guys will always try to fix it. That's what we do. You tell us a problem, expect us to try and figure it out whether or not that's what you want from us.

Guys need the toilet seat up. Girls need the toilet seat down. Can we not all just get along on that one?

Matthew McNutt said...

If a guy asks you out and you're not interested but want to let him down nicely so you tell him you already have something going on, he won't get the hint. In fact, he'll keep asking you out until you tell him that you're not interested.

Guys think you're impressed by them wrestling in the halls, on the yard, in the street, wherever. We don't realize that this isn't true until we're really old, and even then we sometimes still think it's a great way to impress the ladies.

Guys are just as insecure about their bodies as girls are, just in different ways; the size of their muscles, how deep their voice is, how tall they are, too much or too little facial hair, chest hair, leg hair, armpit hair. When they're alone, guys agonize over these things as much as girls agonize over their body stuff.

YM_Clint said...

when you doubt a guys intentions don't doubt your judgment some guys don't have your best interest in mind they are not all out to harm you but some will anyway

Dan said...

When traveling, we don't consider where to stop to go to the bathroom. We go anywhere. If it matters, tell us.

Also, we only stop when we run out of gas since everything is a race against time. We really don't know how small your bladder is.

Guys smell and we don't realize it so cut us some slack. We don't realize that women have such strong noses.

It is hard for us to ask for help. So when you ask and we say we're fine, we really aren't. Just dive in to help because we will be thankful later.

We hate it when you don't finish all of the food on your plate so we willingly "take one for the team" to help you finish.

Finally, we like chocolate but not THAT much!

Stacey Windover said...

My 17 year old says; "Guys hear you, but don't really listen. Too busy thinking about other things."

erik w/a "k" said...

When a guy sees that low cut shirt and "revealing" jeans he isn't thinking about how nice you are.

Guys eyes are drawn to the places you draw them too. Do them a favor and keep certain parts to yourself so it it is much more special when you are married.

Guys don't get it.

Help us to know what you want from us by telling us straight out...but in a way that doesn't make us feel stupid.

Guys prefer the girls who have standards.

Don't be afraid to share where your lines are, but also let him know that you appreciate the same thing.

Guys want to be "the man" in the relationship, but sometimes need your help.

We want to lead, but sometimes we try so hard just to please you we aren't very good leaders.

Guys can't wait to get to a certain point in a relationship.

The day you fart in front of him is the day he feels like you are the right girl for him. Just don't do it too early or too often.

Joe Gormong said...

(i tell girls) I am not much for second chances when a guy pushes your limits. if he has done it once, he will most likely do it again. (after you hold hands it is easy to do that the next time you are together, and much easier to take it to the next level.

some guys are dogs. (you know how dogs are, any ole dog will do.)

respect yourself! if he doesn't, GET RID OF HIM! you deserve much better

rob's thoughtful spot said...

i wrote this on myspace a few years ago after being grossed out by all of the the lame posts about what guys are girls are "really" thinking- sorry so cynical:

girl facts:

When a girl steals your baseball cap and runs away, she's had too much candy or caffeine.

When a girl chases you through the mall, screaming
she wants your attention.
and everyone else's.

When she wants a hug
she will laugh loudly at all of your jokes
especially if you're dating her friend.

when a girl says "you smell nice."
she's really saying
"whoa! you're wearing A LOT of axe!"

When a girl is quiet,
she just got over you.

when a girl asks if you can talk privately-
its not private-
all of her friends are watching
and she'll tell them what you said
when she gets back to them.

When a girl holds your hand-
she's getting back at her mom
for telling her that she couldn't.

When a girl touches your arm
while laughing at your jokes
she's really saying
"my best friend has a boyfriend
and that means i need one too.
and you're her boyfriend's friend
so we can at least go on double-dates."

When a girl stares at you,
she is wondering if you have a unique style of dressing,
or if you are color blind.
When a girl posts a bunch of posts about you on myspace-
its not about you-
its about being on stage.

When a girl says she can't live
without you,
she really can-
she just wanted to do the dumping.

When a girl says, "I miss you,"
her dad is probably in ear-shot-
and making him mad makes her feel rebellious

When a girl is mean to you after a break-up
it means that she is mean-
at it was probably good that you broke up with her!

Guy Facts:
When a guy calls you,
he's hoping that you'll give him a compliment
and feed his ego.

When a guy is quiet,
He's sleeping.
because guys are never quiet.

When a guy is not arguing,
He's really sleepy-
or bored
or thinking about video games.

When a guy says, "I'm fine."
after a few minutes
he really is-
because guys aren't that deep-
he probably forgot why you were arguing in the first place.

When a guy stares at you,
he's really thinking:
"i am such a hunk.
look- she's totally staring at me!"

When a guy tells you he loves you
it really means that he thinks you're pretty-
because he doesn't really understand what love is.

When a guy calls/texts/comments you everyday,
he is obsessed- and creepy
change your number!

when a guy tells you that you're beautiful
he's hoping that it will buy him some sort of physical affection
or a compliment for him.

When a guy says he can't live without you,
run. and get a restraining order!

When a guy says, "I miss you,"
call your friends and make sure he isn't flirting with them.

Kurt Johnston said...

These are all great! Rob, no need to apologize. Trying to say what ALL guys are really thinking is futile! I'm hoping this book just gives girls some thoughts and insider tips to help them understand and relate to guys a bit better.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting writing method.

Who's writing it again?

John the Red Wonder said...

Guys don't like a girl they can walk all over. Or rather they like to have her around to use her, but they don't want to marry her. Don't be afraid to say no to him.

All guys have a sensitive side. But if you only see it when we're alone, we may be trying to manipulate you with it!

If you have to tell your friends you know the real him, and that no one knows the real him, there may be a good reason. Listen to your friends and dump him.

No guy can be your prince charming in jr. high and high school. Let us mature and figure out who we are before kissing us!

We wear our pants low and do weird things like not wash our hair so we can get our buddies to think we are cool. Don't worry it's just a phase, hopefully

Anonymous said...

Even when guys seem to have it all together, they don't.

Guys can tell who you are by how you dress. The ones you want don't want you to be a skank.

Let the guy be in charge. It's not sexist, just the way relationships are meant to be.

Sometimes guys won't date you because they know that you are too good for them.

David Malouf -- said...

I'm laughing my head off and have, subsequently, forgotten a few suggestions!

- The word 'sexy' means 'leading to sex' not cute. 'Attraction' is a sex-thing, not an beauty thing.

- Very few people are helping boys become men - please don't alter their deceptively fragile progress with stuff they're not ready to deal with yet.

- If his best friend is a girl - he's not a man (yet). Help him if you can, but not too close.

- It takes a Group of Men for a boy to become a man - both his growing into a man and his entry into manhood.

- Praying together IS a form of intimacy and should be dealt with as carefully as any other kind of intimacy.

- If you get your couch from the dump, it's gonna smell. If you get your guy from a club, don't be surprised by his (lack of) character.

Diana said...

Okay here's some things I didn't understand until after I had some talks with my husband, that I wish I'd known as a teenager. He really helped me to be able to have some great discussions with my HS girls' group.

-Guys are really insecure. They need encouragement, trash talking them may e fun, but it's too easy to say something that really hurts.

-When you wear "sexy" clothes, guys think you're interested in sex. I was so shocked to learn this one. As a teenager, I thought the clothes were just fashionable, and "cute". Seriously, girls don't get this.

-If you have sex before marriage, no matter how much he pressures you into it, he will lose respect for you. It doesn't make him love you more.

liz simmonds said...

don't think YOU can change a guy into who/what YOU want him to be.

first, it should be GOD molding & shaping him. you want a guy who's looking to God for direction, not a girl.

second, look at his dad--big clue about how the son will turn out. (not that with God he can't change...but they don't say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree for nothing.)

kurt...i think the book will be a great thing for teen girls. (it may even offer some teen guys insight into their own life.)

Jeremy Steele said...

I'm too lazy to read all the awesome comments before me... so I'm probably repeating someone else, but here's a few:

The way a guy acts around his friends is the way he really is. The way he acts around you is an act to impress you.

Guys thing body functions (gas, burping, etc) are funny. Get over it.

There is no such thing as an innocent massage. At this point, he definately thinks you are into him.

Ken said...

wow...how to add to all of these. I dunno. But I'll try.

Sometimes guys are pretty slow. If you are interested in a guy, don't just hope he gets it. Don't tell a friend hoping they'll tell him. If you'd like to know a guy better, tell him so.

Sometimes it is REALLY hard for us to pay attention. If you have something really important to say to a guy, grab his hand. His ability to listen will greatly increase!

A lot of guys are just as worried about thier looks as you are. I know it looks like that guy just got out of bed and threw a shirt on. But really, he spent a good hour trying to get that look. When you go to college, that look really is from just getting out of bed.

(I know Diana touched on insecurity, but really, can you say it enough times in enough ways? exactly.)

Guys are just as afraid of being rejected as you are. Often times, guys will try to cover up this feeling with thoughts of being tough and manly.

Guys feel the same sadness that you do. Many guys, unfortunately, don't know what to do with those feelings because they have been told so many times to "tough it out" and "be a man."

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, guys really are capable of thinking about nothing. Please stop arguing with us about it.

JTHardcastle said...

Guys can't read a woman's mind. No, really, we don't think, feel, or act like a woman and totally don't have the ability to read their mind. If we could we would be in a lot less trouble...I think?

Anonymous said...

Guys have no idea that girls daydream about dating, weddings, marriage, and children even before the guy opens his mouth to ask her out! Of if she hasn't thought about all those things, she will the minute the guy asks her out...

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