Monday Miscellaneous

- This weekend marked the end of our 10-week summer series, Full Service Summer. We wrapped it up with a lesson on using our past to help us navigate our future using the rear view mirror as our object lesson. Over all, I think it was one of our best Summer series in a real long time. Momentum stayed high and each lesson stood alone which kept a long series from feeling too long.

- Closing ceremonies of the Olympics, however, did feel too long...about 2 hours too long. The Olympics are over; blow out the torch and be done already...of course my wife was glued to the television through the whole ordeal.

- Taking Cole and his buddy to Six Flags Magic Mountain today. Should be fun despite the fact that it should be over 100 degrees.

- Don Cheadle is one of my favorite actors and the other day I was thinking that he was past due for a new movie. Last night (during the painfully long closing ceremonies) I saw a trailer for his new movie, Traitor, that opens THIS Wednesday! How is it that I've heard nothing about this?


Anonymous said...

I love Don Cheadle too, but I saw "Traitor" when it was called "The Bourne Identity" :)

There is probably a good reason we haven't heard much about it until then. Not a good sign.

Mike Lovato said...

If you had a one-month old and had been watching the Olympics nearly every night at 3am you would have already heard of it.....trust me.