Slow Blogging Week

I haven't blogged much this week because my wife, Rachel, has been in the hospital with a pretty severe kidney infection.
Last Friday, she started complaining of some pain in her side and had a bit of a fever, but she wasn't feeling too bad and we figured it was just a small bout with the flu. This continued over the weekend and when things got a bit worse she went to see her doctor on Monday. He said she had a kidney infection and prescribed some antibiotics.
By Monday night, Rachel's fever was higher, and she couldn't keep anything down so we took her to the ER first thing Tuesday morning. That's when they discovered that her kidney infection was quite severe and admitted her, hooked her up to and IV and began pumping her full of 3 different types of antibiotics to fight the infection.

She came home yesterday afternoon, and as we were leaving the doctor told us, "If you had waited another 24 hours before bringing her in, she would have been here for several weeks". It was weird because we didn't feel like she had waited or tried to "tough it out"...we just thought she had a flu bug.

Anyway, she is home now and resting. Starting last night, we have had really yummy meals showing up at our door. Not sure it's worth what we've been through the last several days, but it sure is nice to see the body of Christ in action.


CORE Student Ministries said...

I went through that with my wife back in July. She has a bladder infection that spread to her kidneys and then they found a kidney stone. All while being pregnant.

It wasn't fun.

Yes enjoy that good food. We did.

Diana said...

My husband and I are praying for you guys, and for a speedy recovery. It is wonderful when the body of Christ works like He intends it to!

liz simmonds said...

may the recovery be speedy & the meals plentiful!

the body of Christ at work in caring for us can be such a beautiful (and tasty) thing!

LINDA LOU said...

Hope Rachel is better soon and we are praying for her.

Linda & Jeff Cherry

Kurt Johnston said...

Linda! WOW...so great to hear from you. I hope you and Jeff are doing well. I'm sure Rachel would love to hear from you.

LINDA LOU said...

Kurt don't even know how I came across your bloog. But would love to hear from you also. My email is cherryslindylou@aol.com
Would love to see pix's of you all.

Jeff & Linda