High School Musical 3: CONTEST!

If you work with students, you understand the juggernaut that High School Musical has become! Disney Studios and Grace Hill Media asked if I would be willing to work on a project to help youth workers take advantage of the fact that virtually every kid in their youth group is going to see HSM3.

The Ask: Would I write a FREE Bible study around some of the major themes in the movie that youth groups can use after their kids see the film.

I will post more about that in a few days when the website is live and will give you directions to access the materials; most likely early next week.

But...to get us in the HSM3 mood, we have a little contest. Above is a photo-shopped picture of my head on Zach Efron's body (much of the movie revolves around preparing for graduation). The top 5 creative captions submitted will win a whole bunch of HSM3 promotion materials.

1st place will win:
1 HSM3 Banner, 1 HSM3 Movie Standee, 25 full-sized movie posters and 100 mini-posters.

2nd place will win:
1 HSM3 Banner, 1 HSM3 Movie Standee, 15 full-sized movie posters and 75 mini-posters.

3rd place will win:
1 HSM3 Banner, 10 full-sized movie posters and 75 mini-posters.

The contest will end this Friday, October 3rd at 5:00 pm Pacific time.


Hammer said...

"Graduating and already bald... can only go uphill from here!"

rob's thoughtful spot said...

this is what happens when you use a flat iron on your hair every day

David Conlee said...

"No, wait, don't run away! There's no need to fear HSM3! No, really, stop, I have these banners, and posters, and stuff... here take them...

Where are you going?

Can't you see how excited I am about HSM3?

Don't leave, HSM is still cool! No, really, it is!"

Josh said...

"Cuz even Troy Bolton has to grow up!"

Darryl Nelson said...

"Kurt was excited that he made it through High School and no one figured out that he was the school narc!"

Volkers84 said...

Kurt plays the new role in HSM3. He's now HSM's version of Mr. Feeny.

liz simmonds said...

kurt proving that white guys really can 'dance'!?!

klampert said...

"stop...hammer time"

"I wish I was 12 again"

"somehow tthis make me look less like a girl"


"MILEY...look what I can do!"

Rob said...

I think some song titles from the first two movies, slightly altered will work well...

"Start Of Something Old"

"Get'cha Soul Patch In The Game"

"What Time Is It?...Seriously, I Forgot My Bifocals and I Can't See The Clock"

"I Don't Dance...Unless It's The Electric Slide"

Here's my last shot at it:

"This is the last picture ever taken of new HSM3 cast member Kurt Johnson before he was trampled by a reckless herd of tween girls as they raced over his now lifeless body to get the the "real" stars who were standing behind him. He really won't be missed."

(I stink...but it was fun, anyway...)


After much negotiating, Warner Brothers was unfortunately unable to get Keanu Reeves to sign on for The Matrix 4.


We think Kurt could have made it to the Beijing Olympics in the men's trampoline competition ... if only he would't have insisted on wearing the red cape.

Chris Trent said...

Zach Efron in HSM 8: The 20 Year Class Reunion

Matthew McNutt said...

- The parents' crisis intervention team realized after an initial panic that it was not Harry Potter robes on the youth pastor after all.

- Kurt's children lost all their enthusiasm for HSM3 when they saw how excited their dad was for it. Clearly it's time had passed.

Folkestad said...

3rd time a senior, first time a graduate!

Sonshine said...

It's their senior year, and Troy finally gets his head in the game, only to find it is bald! But that's okay: he graduates with a contract with Rogaine to sing an appropriate jingle for male-pattern baldness: WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

Joel Mayward said...

"I'm THIS many years old."

Matt said...

"No, I'm not Voldemort in a Gryfindor robe."

Jim Ellis said...

"The Burger KING is my brother."

Travis Williams said...

"Breakin Knees"
A Duet by Kurt and Doug Fields

Kurt: "We're borin, we're baldin, there's not a chance in heaven that we can dance.

Doug: Now we're cryin
Cause we're breakin knees

Kurt: You know our bodies are in pieces
In a way that's different than they should be

Doug: Creating two old geezers
'Til we fall apart

Both:But your asperin it gives me strength
Strength to believe

Kurt: We're not breakin knees!
Doug: We're not borin
Kurt: Still baldin
Both: There's not a chance in heaven that we can't dance
Kurt: Although we're cryin
Both: But We're not breakin knees
O we're not breakin knees

The Reed's Adoption Journey said...

WOW! sorry thats all I can say. Rachel, Bless your heart.

Jason Pogue said...

Combining two of his favorites (HSM 3 and Kung Fu Panda) Kurt received an A+ on his final project in Graphic Design 101.

Chase said...

Welcome to wildside I am glad you came!!!!

Larry and Jennifer Darnell said...

Mr. Clean in his cameo role on HSM3...

Larry and Jennifer Darnell said...


Traci said...

Coming Soon: HSM23!

Troy is finally a senior....senior citizen that is.

With all new enhanced versions of your favorite HSM songs--such as:

"We're Breakin' Free...from the nursing home"

"Get your craftmatic adjustable bed in the game"


"We're all in this assisted living facility together"

As Troy graduates to a new nursing home he must overcome his biggest challenge yet....noontime sponge baths

HSM23---in theaters everywhere soon!

[derekmswanson] said...

You call those jazz hands? These are Jazz hands!

mainerrr said...

the epitome of a super senior

Phil said...

"I am not wearing any underwear"

StacyGal said...

Holy Moly! That picture is crazy Kurt! I cant stop laughing!!

Steve said...

Stay Back!! I just farted under this robe!


Wait!! Stop the Bailout!

YM_Clint said...

Look I'm a magician, and much like my career after HSM3 now you see it now you don't!!