Monday Miscellaneous

- Weekend at Church was really fun and really busy. Started it off Friday by going to a high school football game, then popping into our high school ministry's '5th Quarter' which was really fun. On Saturday I went to our 4:30 JH service for our 4th week of "Face of Love" and then skipped our 6:30 service to attend Mariners Church for the grand opening of their new student center. On Sunday I attended our 9:00 a.m. JH service then hustled over to our Irvine campus to be a part of their 11:00 a.m. youth program. Whew....!!

- In addition, each year our JH ministry 'cancels' October and replaces it with CHOCTOBER...a month of chocolate games, chocolate prizes etc. Week one was a huge success.

- Pastor Rick took a whole crew of us to see "American Carol" last night. Fun idea and really great to be out with him and a bunch of the staff...but TERRIBLE movie. The best way to describe it would be a wacky "Airplane" type movie. But in order to even have a chance at laughing at the gags one has to be really, really well versed in the Left vs. Right politics of our times. That mixed with the fact that it just wasn't funny made for a rough ride.

- Interesting that it seemed like the media was united in calling for the "bail out" and now only a couple days later they are united in questioning if it was a good idea. I once heard that much of the media exists to first build people and stories up and then tear them down. This feels like an example of that.

- Does anybody watch "The Unit"? It is quickly becoming my favorite show.

- My wife has been laid up for over two weeks and today is her first real day up and around. She took one of the kids to school which made our morning much less hectic.

- Spending date day with Rachel by having breakfast together then taking my dad to the doctor followed by prepping for my Youth Specialties workshops. Not sure where the date in date day went!


Josh Peters said...

Hi Kurt,

Excited to see Choctober rolling around again. Have you heard of The Chocolate Campaign (fairtrade chocolate/slave trade awareness)?

Check it out: http://www.stopthetraffik.org/chocolatecampaign/

Joe said...

Dude! I watched the Unit last night for the first time and couldn't pull myself away! Seems like in the midst of the shows I usually watch like Heroes and Lost, it's nice to have a show with some good "save the world in one episode" fun.

Nathaniel Dame said...

I heard "American Carol" was supposed to be revolutionary but I was real skeptical... I think I'll take it off my list now. Thanks!

matthew mcnutt said...

I'm totally ripping off your choctober idea. I now know what I'm doing with my middle schoolers on Friday night!!!

Ken said...

At least he didn't take you to go see "Fireproof." eh eh eh