HSM3 Contest Winners and Free Discussion Guide

If you are interested in downloading a free HSM3 Bible study/discussion guide to use with your students, you can get that here.

After much deliberation from our judges, the three prize winners for the HSM3 promotional stuff are:

3rd Place: "It's the start of something old..." submitted by Rob
2nd Place: "HSM8...The 20 Year Reunion" Submitted by Chris Trent
1st Place: "The parents' crisis intervention team realized after an initial panic that it was not Harry Potter robes on the youth pastor after all." Submitted by matthew mcnutt

If you three will send your mailing address to me at Kurtj@saddleback.net, we will have your prizes mailed out early next week. Congratulations.


Matthew McNutt said...

YES! I am waaaay too excited about this ... I have seen HSM 1 & 2 way too many times (my kids LOVE them). Very, very cool. I like the discussion guide stuff; I was checking it out the other day and thinking about what I wanted to do with it. : ) Thanks, Kurt!

Nathaniel Dame said...

Very cool! There was something real similar put together for The Passion of the Christ to turn the release of the movie into a big outreach. I pray the Lord will use this in a lot of teen's lives!

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