Check Up

If you're like me, the busier you get doing God's work, the easier it becomes to find yourself feeling far from God. Over the years, I've created a short little "check list" of questions I try to ask myself on a regular basis, and especially in the busy seasons. For me, the categories are more important then the specific questions.

- Am I feeding my soul?
- Are jealousy, greed or other cancerous motives creeping in?
- Is Jesus my first love?
- Am I generous?

- Am I guarding my thoughts?
- Do I like the "stuff" that has been at the forefront of my mind lately?

- Is the stuff I'm watching okay?
- Is the stuff I'm reading okay?
- Currently what do I tend to "set my eyes upon"?

It's not some sort of spiritual measuring stick or check list of do's and dont's that cheapens grace and invites legalism, but rather the acknowledgement of my sin nature and the fact that the busyness of ministry and life in general has a way of making it super easy to neglect my spiritual well being.

Time after time I've found that when I'm grumpy, stressed, overly frustrated, impatient, feeling unfulfilled or under-appreciated etc. there is a direct correlation to the categories I've listed.


jeremy zach said...

kurt those are some great questions. wow. true or false: i am going to steal those questions?

christina said...

Kurt, those last few sentences really put things into perspective. thanks!