Random Randomness

- My friend, Gregg Farah, just started what I think will be a really good blog. Greg is a great writer and it seems like his posts will mostly be short essays like this one. Good stuff, I think.

- When they first came out I really, really wanted an FJCruiser. My enthusiasm wained quickly for two reasons: 1) they seem to have a real bad blind spot which made me uncomfortable when I drove my buddy's and 2) I couldn't afford one. It's been about two years, and I suddenly find myself really, really wanting one again. They still have a blind spot and I still can't afford it, but do you really need to be able to see when switching lanes? Do my kids really need to go to college?

- My new "guilty pleasure" t.v. show is Sons Of Anarchy. It's a really well written and acted show that revolves around a motorcycle club/gang in a small town in Northern California. It isn't for the faint of heart and is pretty strong much of the time...like a cleaned up (but not too clean) version of the Sopranos on Harley's. Viewer discretion is advised.

- We are wrapping up "The Red Stuff" in our junior high ministry this weekend. I think it has been one of our better series in a long time. If I taught longer series, this would be an easy one to stretch five or six weeks.


Anonymous said...

Kurt, How do I sign up for a time with at YS (swb)?

John DeMarco said...

I too have FJCruiser envy. That is one bad mamma jamma.

Snyder said...

For your series, Red Stuff, what book or books did you use? ie. Matthew, Mark, Luke or John

fancastfan said...


I see your shout-out to Sons of Anarchy, and if anyone wants to see what the buzz is about, Fancast.com has SOA online free, including the pilot, and exclusive interviews with the stars. The episodes are at

And here’s the really fun part: on Monday, Nov. 24, two days before the season finale airs on FX, Fancast will be hosting a live chat with series star Charlie Hunnam and executive producer/creator Kurt Sutter. It will start at 2 pm ET. Fans of the show can ask questions and interact directly with them.


Jim (for Fancast)