Monday Miscellaneous

- Hey! my last post was #650! I probably should have done something cool commemorate it.

- Starting next Monday, I will bring back the popular "Weekend Wrap Up". I would have brought it back today but I wasn't part of our junior high programs this past weekend so I have nothing to "wrap up" other than I heard it was a great weekend.

- If you happen to ride a dirt bike, what do you ride? Do you recommend one bike over another? Is there one to avoid at all costs? I ask because I am in the market to "move up" from my 2002 Honda XR 250 which I bought at a killer deal from a buddy as we were getting into riding. Now that it is something that has "stuck" with the family we are in the process of upgrading some of our bikes. And conveniently, I'm first in line!

- Two weeks ago the Jets beat the then undefeated Titans. This week the Broncos beat the Jets. Simple logic will tell you that this means the Broncos can beat the Titans, making them the best team in the AFC. :)


Puddles said...

Your football logic really isnt accurate. But the BCS would say it is. Thank God for playoffs in the NFL.

Mike said...

But where do the Raiders stand as they beat both the Jets and the Broncos?

John Snyder said...

That should make them the best team in the NFL, not just the AFC, being that the Titans were the only undefeated team left.