Random Randomness

- My dad's burial at sea was overwhelmingly beautiful. A group of about 40 of us spent an hour on a chartered boat and right at sunset we released my dad into the water surrounded by a host of roses. It was a powerful moment.

- What was without question the busiest 6-month ministry season in my career is finally headed to a slowdown. Things feel like they may be back to normal (although "normal" seems to have a new definition....the old normal is gone) after the holidays. Despite the craziness, the past 6 months have been an amazing journey, and our student ministry team is stronger and more unified than ever before.

- A few posts ago, I asked readers to contribute their teaching strategy and "plans". Thanks to everybody who posted comments and shared their insights. I am committed to thinking this through and being more purposeful (Shout out to Rick W.) in my approach to the educational part (and, as we all know formal education really is only a part of ministry to young teens) of our ministry.

- Had a heated, and admittedly biased, debate with a cowboy fan concerning this topic: If you were to start an NFL franchise tomorrow, who would you pick for your quarterback....Tony Romo or Jay Cutler? Those are the only options.


Puddles said...

A question I would love to answer.
Admittedly biased as well, Romo without a doubt. Although Cutler is very talented, Romo is better. (even though he has blown a few games in Dec.)
Phil Simms said it best on Inside the NFL when responding to Warren Sapp about Romo

Warren Sapp: "I have to ask you all, where is this guy's signature game; his signature performance that we talk about? The Cowboys haven't won a playoff game since 1996."

Simms: "Can't win the big game! You want to get me fired up? Start saying that phrase, because that is one of the worst things that can ever be labeled on a quarterback. They said that about Peyton Manning, they said that about Dan Marino, they said it about John Elway, until the last couple of years. Tony Romo has only been a full-time starter for two years. Let's give him a little time to see what happens in his career before we label him the guy that can't get it done in a big spot."

Kurt Johnston said...

I KNEW you would be the first to comment! Two reasons I would lean toward Cutler:
1) Arm Strength. Both guys are risk takers and make throws they shouldn't but Cutler gets away with more of them.

2) Cutler seems to have more of an ability to put the load on his shoulders and carry the team when needed. I said "seems" to because neiter of them have been around long enough to have had to do that very often yet.

trav said...

Thanks for the post on the teaching strategy it spurred on some thought with team of workers and we are exploring some kind of a 3 year cycle.

Folkestad said...

I don't think that Romo can handle the pressure. Not the football pressure, he can handle that. I don't think he can handle the pressure of expectation. He just doesn't seem like a person that can not listen to critics, or at least not be affected by them.

I may be completely wrong, and I am ok with that.

Phil Jacobus Update said...

As much as I would love to make a comment on Romo/Cutler, I honestly don't care about either one. I'll continue to take Aaron Rodgers while cheering for my Packers while living in TX.

I'd like to hear more about your Dad's burial. My father passed away yesterday am after a 2 year battle with melanoma, so we are in the funeral planning stages right now.

Thanks for your transparency in sharing your life and ministry with us.

Adam J

Mike Conner said...

Kurt, Romo or Cutler too hard to choose. Both full of talent and potential. Both are huge risks, but I guess it depends if you are bringing TO with Romo. If so, Cutler all the way!

Mike C

Kurt Johnston said...

Phil Jacobus,
I am so sorry to hear about your dad. In a nutshell, here is what we did for my father:

- We chartered a nice fishing boat at the harbor (one that sat about a hundred people cost about $400 for an hour)

- We went about a mile off shore and had a 20 minute "graveside" style ceremony.

- We then laid a wreath of flowers in the water and put a basket holdin my dads remains in the center...it began to sink immediately and was a really beautiful sight.

- We gave everybody a rose to toss in around the wreath and then the boat did two big circles around the site.

- Because we did it all at dusk, the lighting was unbelievable.

If you would like to talk more about it, just shoot me an email at kurtj@saddleback.net

Will Penner said...

Sounds like an incredible moment with your dad, bro! Thanks for sharing that.

Dale Sheehy said...

It all depends, if Romo has to deal with the ego that is TO then I pick Cutler. If TO is out of the picture then I pick Romo. I'm a diehard Cowboys fan and TO has to go!