Humor 101

While driving my freshmen daughter, Kayla, into school this morning we had this super short conversation:

ME: "Kayla, I'm thinking that hanging out there on a Friday night probably isn't such a great idea. that place just seems to attract the super rowdy crowd.

KAYLA: "True, but they are the same kids I go to school with every day."

ME: "True, but at least at school they are forced to be somewhat under control."

KAYLA: "Have you ever seen my math class?"

Classic. But the funniest part to me is that out of all her classes it's the MATH class that is rowdy!


Geoff Branagh said...

i liked that stroy...i don't know why it is but my math classes were always the rowdiest too...

i have followed your blog for a while and really like it! thanks for sharing with us.

you got me motivated to start my own..

thanks for sharing!

Ariel said...

Teenagers ...ha! I love youth ministry.