Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was one of our best in a long time. We had it packed with music, fun programing and a really good message. BUT, it was also a tough one. For some reason we just couldn't dial it in. My message was good one service, but not the next. A game was well received by one crowd but not another etc. It was really a roller coaster weekend. The highlight of the weekend may have been two first-time students who came in late, missed all the "fun" and only got to hear the lesson. One of our volunteers overheard them talking on the way out about how much they liked the lesson and how much it made them think. Very cool.

Music this week was really good. We sang Christmas songs and had two special numbers that were led by soloists...one by a 7th grade girl and one by an 8th grade girl. We had 5 songs which is more than usual but it flowed well.

FUN & GAMES: Another round of "Jaime I Help You?" went pretty well. This week he recycled diapers to make a diaper wreath and used a pickle jar to make a funny snow globe. We showed a video comparing/contrasting Jesus and Santa which was actually pretty powerful, a crew of our team did a fun rip-off of an old SNL Christmas song bit, and we played a game in which students bobbed in eggnog looking for candy canes.

LESSON: My lesson was on "How Do We Know Jesus Is Real?" I used Santa as my set up and talked about how tempting it might be to view Jesus in the same light as Santa: A nice legend that was invented to make Christmas special etc. My points for the lesson were quite simple:

- HISTORY Proves Jesus Is Real
- The BIBLE Proves Jesus Is Real
- PEOPLE Prove Jesus Is Real


aaron said...

hey kurt, i was wondering if you had some more notes for your last lesson...interested in using it. also if you get a chance could you check out my blog and let me know if you think i'm on the right track on my Hebrews study. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

There's an article in the most recent edition of Sojourners on the online segregation of Christians. The author basically calls it the online equivalent of Dr. King's quote, "the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o'clock on Sunday morning". I thought you might want add your thoughts by blogging on this issue.

Rakiesha Chase

Kurt Johnston said...

Aaron, if you give me an email address I will send you the whole lesson.

aaron said...

aaronsmc@ptd.net ,
thanks kurt