99 Thoughts About Guys; 99 Thoughts About Girls

Every now and then when I put my head together with the people over at Simply Junior High, we come up with a decent resource for junior high youth leaders. Recently, we have started created stuff with the students themselves in mind. Really, the desire to write for students started when I partnered with Mark Ostreicher on the Middle School Survival Series a couple years ago. Recently, I wrote the first of what I hope will be many '10-minute moments' devotional book geared toward young teens.

And now the newest, shortest, cheapest, and easiest-to-read books for students yet are hot off the presses. And because I like the simple stuff, I think they are my favorite resources SJH has created in a long time!

"99 Thoughts About Guys...For Girls Eyes Only" gives girls 99 super short, but super insightful tidbits of insight into the world of guys. Katie Edwards, who I have worked with for almost a dozen years, provides some fun female commentary.

"99 Thoughts About Girls...For Guy Eyes Only" gives guys 99 short, but super insightful tidbits of insight into the world of girls. Katie wrote this one, and I provided the male commentary.

What I love about both of these little "books" is that they can be read by a student in about 20 minutes. But in that short time, they will get a whole bunch of really useful insight to help them build stronger friendships with the opposite sex.

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