Conferences....Choose Your Flavor!

There are two GREAT conferences just around the corner, and they both have a distinct "flavor". If you are able to attend a conference this year I think either PDYM or Group's National Youth Ministry Conference would be well worth the investment.

National Youth Ministry Conference (February 27 - March 2)
This is a national youth ministry event with an intentionally intimate feel. You get a large crowd, well known speakers and trainers, and tons of super cool 'extras'. But what Group manages to do better than anybody else is make a big conference feel intimate and conversational.

PDYM (March 24-27)
After a short break, the Purpose-driven Youth Ministry Conference is back! What sets PDYM apart is that it is a church-based conference Led entirely by Doug Fields and Saddleback's youth team.Other than Fields, there aren't any "heavy hitters". Over three days, Saddleback's team will give you an up-close look at their youth ministry as well as amazing training on how to implement the 5 purposes into your own ministry setting. Spaces are limited, so if this is the event for you, don't wait to sign up.

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