Random Randomness

-Because I spent all day yesterday riding with buddies, I didn't have chance to post a weekend wrap up. In a nutshell: A great weekend! Week 2 of our friendship series. Sitting around tables is going well.

- Inauguration was awesome. While I don't agree with many of Obama's policies (or at least what we think will be his policies), I really, really like the guy.

- I thought Rick Warren's prayer was really powerful. Of course the criticism from far left and far right will continue. But Christian haters and petty Christians will always find a reason to have a beef with Warren.

- I also really liked the prayer at the end. Although the references to various colors of races at the closing was odd, I felt.

- If you haven't seen Slum Dog Millionaire, you need to. It may be the best movie I've seen in years.

- Any local JH pastors going to "Believe" next weekend?

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