Beginning Of The End

It's Wednesday morning and we are officially on the 'second half' of camp. So far it has been a fantastic week. We have a young, but really energetic, group of counselors mixed with a fair number of parents and even a 76 year old gentleman who are really stepping up to make camp a great experience for our kids. We've attended Thousand Pines camp for about 9 years now and it continues to be a great fit for our ministry. Mountain bikes, paintball, ropes course, zip line, swimming, off road tours (in these super sweet off road golf carts), skate park and a really good craft shop are just some of the activities the students can chose from. They also have a disc golf course that is absolutely killing us! It's cut out of the forest and unless you can throw perfectly straight, you spend half your time searching for your disc among lots of bushes and dead trees (bushes and dead trees that I'm convinced are home to bears and snakes...).

I'm praying that this year's camp will be a spiritual marker in the lives of our students that they'll remember for years to come.


sean lee said...

i wonder ... do you have a mixture of emotions at this point? Summer is almost over ... you are satisfied with the summer events (growth, decisions made by students, seeds planted, new hieghts reached, etc. ... ) and yet you see students leaving, you see students coming in, you see your family rarely, you say good-bye to interns, you say hello to a more predictable (at least from my standpoint) schedule ...

It's kind of a happy/sad time for me.

What's it like for the world-famous Kurt Johnson and others?

non-famous Sean

kurt johnston said...

I think most of my 'mixed emotions' happen at the beginning of the summer because that's when we send our 8th graders up into high school and get our new crop of students. To be honest, by the end of summer I'm just too dang tired to be very reflective. We slow down for about two weeks and then crank things up to get ready for the Fall.