A Few Firsts

This week marks a few exciting 'firsts' for the Johnston family. All of which revolve around Summer Camp:

- My son, Cole, leaves today for his first church camp experience. He's finally old enough to go to elementary camp. We're frantically trying to get him packed right now.

- My daughter, Kayla, left yesterday with our junior high ministry. As a new 7th grader, this is her first 'youth group' camp. She's been going to camp with us her entire life, but we've kept her from doing most of the stuff so that when she finally got to junior high it would be a fun, 'first time' experience for her.

- Since we've always had our kids staying with us at camp, this week is the first time in twelve years that Rachel and I will experience junior high camp without having our own children to think about.

Internet access will be pretty limited but I'll try to post occasionally.

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