Why I Play Softball

I'm pretty burned-out from a fantastic, but long, week of camp. I want nothing more than to go to bed very early and sleep in really late. But I play on our church softball team and we have our final game of the season tonight. We're already in the playoffs, we don't need to win, I'm one of the less skilled players on the team, and I'm having a pretty bad season. But I will be there tonight. I will play softball tonight, just like I do almost every Friday night because:

- I paid $65.00 to join the league and I want to get my money's worth (oohh, that just reminded me that I still owe my $65.00).
- Softball makes average athletes look better than they really are.
- One of my life-long goals is to hit the ball over the head of the outfielders (I'm not even close...any tips?).
- I get a kick out of the guys who take it super serious. You know, the dudes who show up in matching uniforms, sporting sliding pads, wearing TWO batting gloves when they hit, whooping it up after a victory.
- It serves as fun family time. Weird family time because I'm playing, my wife is in the bleachers talking to friends and my kids are running around the park.
- We usually go have really good pizza afterwards.

I wil play softball tonight.....I MUST play softball tonight.


Evan Mattei said...

thanks for the comments last week! It's pretty cool for a guy like me to get comments from the author of a book on a post about the book he wrote! So thanks!

I'm glad you had a good week at camp, and I feel you on the NEED of softball - and as far as advice for getting it over the out fielders, work your triceps, biceps, and fore-arms for strength. When you hit, follow the ball into your bat with your head (as in physically turn your head to watch the ball strike the bat as you swing). Pivot on your rear foot on the follow through... Just remember what you learned when you were six... your fundamentals. You should be set.

Hope you won tonight, and good luck in your play-offs!!

Peace - EM

puddles said...

Good luck in the game. My tip for you (which has worked once for me) is to close your eyes and swing as hard as you can. There you go.
Glad to see camp went well.

Jennine Stalder said...

“Softball makes average athletes look better than they really are.” - Same goes for other sports! Haha. Just kidding. I'm not an athlete but I joined some community sports. One of the reasons is the cool uniform. It definitely makes me feel like a pro and it sure lifts my spirit. Anyway it's been years now, are you still playing with your team?

Jennine Stalder @ UESports.com