Simple Thought #6: The Political Climate

My dislike for it is growing every day. Not for politics or politicians or for our American system...just for the current climate. The John Kerry fiasco of the last 48 hours has been the final straw.
Was it a botched joke? Did he mean what he said? Did he apologize soon enough? Was his apology sincere? I don't know. What I do know is that I'm sick of 'em. I'm sick of liberals, I'm sick of conservatives, I'm sick of news correspondents, I'm sick of talk show hosts..I'm sick of the whole thing.


Evan M said...


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Me too.

Big Mike Lewis said...


Me too!

Eric said...

I agree... politics has always been dirty, but at least when I was growing up there was an air of respect for each other (at least publicly) now it just seems as though anything goes. It is almost like the left and the right are at war with each other - sometimes you would never know that we are all americans.