VERY fun toy!

I first played this game several months ago with the junior high team at Willow Creek. It was really fun. Then, my daughter bought it for our junior high worship leader and he says the 7th grade guys in his small group can't get enough of it.

We bought ours for about $20.00 at Spencer's Gifts in the mall.

Note: This is not an endorsement of using shock toys in your youth ministry.


Hammer said...

My family got one of these a couple of years ago, and we have a ton of fun with it.

Now they sometimes like to see who has the most "endurance" by setting it off on one person and seeing how long they can hold onto it...

(I never, ever claimed they were the smartest of people)

But it is a very fun game. Great bonding time...

Jeff Moulton said...

So what happens when all of the people who do EVERYTHING like Willow and/or Saddleback all go out and buy one of these things. I can just imagine what their metrics look like if they are following the demographics of their customers.

They probably think they've found a real "niche" market and we'll be seeing their stuff in Family and Zondervan and Mustard Seed and Lifeway.... Right next to Bobble-Head Jesus!