Leadership Gold #3

The third random leadership thought from Andy Stanley at Drive:

“What do I believe is impossible to do in my field but if it could be done would fundamentally change my business?”

- Most great advances were once viewed as impossible or unreasonable.

Pay attention to the people who are breaking the rules.

What is the “impossible dream” in your junior high ministry? What is something you want to see happen but have never been able to achieve?

Think big...what is something that can't happen, but if it could would fundamentally change junior high ministry as a whole?


Mark E. Eades said...

what about this impossable one - what if jr hi kids were comfortable to say hi to any other jr hi kid? What kind of change would that create?

Jason said...

what if those of us in socal were allowed to be on our student's campuses???

Joel Mayward said...

What if every parent lovingly discipled their junior high student and had a healthy, loving, balanced relationship with them?

Or maybe a more realistic one: what if every junior high student in our community had a loving adult pouring into their life?

Jim Ellis said...

the impossible dream in my middle school ministry.... hmmm...

well, i want to see a ministry where adult leaders are creating friendships/relationships with their students outside of the programs we plan... through e-mail, text message... simply contacting their students.

also, i wouldn't mind the instalation of a rootbeer keg in our youth room...